Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Stuff

Colby is a district champion once again!!! His team won the 12-year-old district this past weekend. We are headed to state in Cape Girardeau this weekend and if we win that, it's on to Nebraska. He has dreams of the Little League World Series in Maryland this year - we shall see...

Sonya left to spend a few days with Heather today. She and my niece Maddi, went to Columbia to stay in Heather's apartment with her. My hubby is beside himself with worry, he just knows SOMETHING will happen to her. They all promised to be SAFE< SAFE< SAFE = Lord, please keep them near and safe on all of their journeys this week.

Gosh, the summer is just flying by, isn't it? My kids start school again in only a few short weeks, then it's back to the old routine. I've been enjoying getting up and leaving the house within a few minutes each morning. That sure won't happen when they all go back to school.

I've been using this Jergen's lotion on my arms & legs lately - the kind that has a little darker tone to it. I don't want to go to a tanning bed and I am rarely in the sun, but my fat looks alot better brown than it does white, so I'm schmearing this stuff in every chance I get. I find that as long as I mix it together with a little regular lotion, I don't have any streaks at all. It is really making a difference.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally, A New Post

Well, I'm back...

Work has slowed down a little and when I say that I mean my to-do list has gone from 6 pages down to 3. I still should be working instead of blogging, but hey, ya gotta have a little fun, right?

Everybody is good. Heather is still in Columbia, DJ is 16 and has taken over the road, Colby is heading for the district baseball tournament this weekend and has the Little League World Series in his dreams and Sonya wants to move her room to the basement. Same ole, same ole...

Funny story...

I won a gift certificate for a haircut at a fancy salon last year and made an appt. It was a fun experience, the guy played around with my hair for awhile, "getting to know it" and then gave me a pretty decent haircut. He was disgusted that I still had some old perm in it from a few years back and when he cut it out, he declared "There! Now thanks to the metal eraser (scissors) you'll never have to admit to having had a perm again!" OK, what about all my high school pictures that are all teeth and hair - I'm not willing to take the metal eraser to those just yet:)

So, I liked the haircut and decided to go back. When I did, I was a little shell shocked when I found out his haircuts were $50. Fifty bucks may not sound like a lot to some of you, but trust me, when you're used to getting haircuts at Sam's (Walmart) Salon for $12, you're a little flabbergasted to find out you owe $50 plus tip!!! I paid it and thought to myself - unless this haircut makes me look 20 pounds lighter, I ain't comin' back!

I went to my little hometown beauty parlor (yes, we still call them parlors in Potosi) to get a body wave (I'm sorry, I'm a product of the 80's and I hate my hair unless it's at least a little poofy!) and I told her about my experience with the fancy-schmancy salon. She found the story comical and as she was looking down at my head said "Oh, you have a tick in your head, let me get it out for you! That's the 2nd tick I've found on someone this week!"

Now...what do you think the hairdresser to the STL society would have done if he had found that tick in my head????? I'm just sayin' - I think I'll be stickin' with DeDe's Hair Biz from now on:)

Yep, I'm back.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ahhhh! Freetime - what's that?

One day soon I'll get back to this blog. I have lots of interesting stuff to blog about like how DJ got his license & Heather got hers 1 week later, like how Heather moved into her first apartment, like how we had two bday parties in one weekend and our home was in even more chaos than it normally is, etc, etc, etc.

But my job if freakin' kickin' my ass lately. I mean I am having to work harder now that I've had to since I started and I am totally not liking it at all. I used to have so much time to surf the net and do all sorts of fun little quizzes, etc, but now, I barely have time to read my daily blogs!

Of course, I'm happy to have a job and happy to have tasks that need to be completed so I'll quit bitching, I'm just sayin'.....

I'll be back:)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sonya's Story

I found this story in my daughter's bookbag and it says by Sonya. I knew she was growing up, but Holy Cow. Could this have honestly been written by a 9 year old? What do you think this says about her and about our family? Am I being silly to wonder what would make her write something like this? I've left all the punctuation and spelling just as she had it.

Don't Leave Me

Mama "I'm sorry" I remember saying the day my mother was beat to death with that slick leather belt. Tears rolling down my cheeks as I looked at the scared back and saw my very own mother lying down dead. "She was just trying to help me" I screamed at are master he tapped me on my shoulder as a warning to quit this nonsense. "Get back to work" he screamed at me in loud ear poinding voice. I started to pick the corn still crying in a soft voice.

I am a 13 year old girl still trying to clear my mind of the so called accident as my master called it. Now I am free in the north living in Canada. I am a best corn picker in the North just as I was in the cruel South. Mama would be so proud things would be a lot easier if she was around but it's just me and Papa. I remember when there was one of the biggest Dust Storms in the whole South, boy it takes me way back.

"There is definitely going to be some strong North winds so you might want to stay in since it hasn't rained in months" I heard the man on the radio say. Then I heard a soft voice say, "I'm scared Henry. He has grown meaner" I loved the way Mama spoke in her soft southern voice. But I got real scared too, Then the next day the tragic heart pounding death came.

I looked out the window and saw my Papa shake hands with a Southern man. It frightened me inside. Second's later papa entered our home. He said that I am 13 years old and ready to be on my own I felt the tears coming along, I got accepted into the grand corn picking association I'm going to have to leave you. No no no" I wailed. "I already lost Mama and I don't want to lose you to". I soon realized that he had to go. I screamed I love you daddy and I always will!! He started crying too and we just started are own balling club. For some reason I felt like Mama's death wasn't my fault, I realized it was destiny for her to die. If I hadn't ever swam across the lake and nearly drowned I would have never grew as close to my dad as felt now. His soft hand rubbed my back and he told me everything would be ok. "Ill come back for you". Those were the last words I ever heard from my Papa again.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I can learn too

Taking classes always makes me lust for more knowledge. I always am so fired up after a good class. I will take notes about things I want to lookup or learn more about later. I'm jealous when the "kids" in my college courses - you know the snotty ones who think they know it all just because they can pronouce the names of foreign leaders and I can't? I'm jealous that they know so much about the world, how come they do? And how come I'm too lazy to learn the stuff I really do want to know?

When someone talks about a topic - they bring it to life for me and my interest is piqued certainly. Then life gets in the way and I never seem to actually motivate myself to look at my notes and actaully dig up information.

Instead, I go to the tmz website or read blogs. I'll go to my hometown forum or check myspace 50 times a day and possibly play about 20 games of freecell.

I want to learn new things, I want to be well versed in politics, local issues, what's going on at home. I want to know more about world news, the history of our country and how to speak in Spanish, but I won't make a conscience effort to look something up and learn about it - why is that?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Superbowl Party Disaster


1. I'm thankful for a warm home and a warm car to drive in this frigid weather.
2. I'm so, so thankful that it's staying light out a little longer lately. Spring is on it's way.
3. I'm grateful that my daughter got a job, but nervous that this means she won't be coming home for the summer.
4. I'm grateful that someone gave me some Victoria's Secret lotion for Christmas and that I left it here at work. My hands have been so dry and this lotion feels so good.
5. I am truly thankful that my husband is not a drunk! OK, I know this sounds weird, but after you hear what happened at the Superbowl party we attended, you'll understand.


We went to a friend's house that we don't see very often for the game. These are the kind of friends, that we only see 2 or 3 times a year, but we used to be really close and we always have a good time when we're with them. I was looking forward to it.

We got there and the wife's brother was there, playing cards with the guys. He's an alcoholic and was already well on his way when we got there. He was losing lots of money at the card game and began fighting with his much younger girlfriend (probably only a little older than my daughter - and with whom he has a young child) about whether or not he should break a $100 bill. She insisted that the money in his pocket was for the electric bill and the phone. He broke it anyway and continue to get more drunk and obnoxious.

My husband and I kept exchanging looks - like "oh brother". Anyway he ended up losing money, but no one knows how much because first he said he had had $300 when he arrived at the party, then he said $500 and then he changed it to $1800. Everyone just ignored him.

He finally got up to leave and walked to the bathroom where he promptly fell over and busted his head on the toilet. He then walked over to the food table and almost knocked everything down while stuffing his face with nachos. Finally, his sister asked him and his girlfriend to leave and they did.

It was truly an experience and one that makes me grateful to have my husband - even though he is still not the person I want him to be, he's a prince compared to this guy!

Friday, January 30, 2009


1. Weekend - though it will be busy. DJ has a bball game tonight in Ste. Gen, Sonya has a tournament tomorrow - who knows how long that will last and I need to go see Heather. We recently bought a laptop on ebay and accidentally had it sent to her dorm instead of here to us. I'm gonna run up for a visit and grab the laptop. I'd rather spend the money on gas to see her than more postage to overnight and insure the laptop. Then, we're supposed to go to a football party on Sunday - so busy, busy week and I've only had 9 hours of sleep in the past 2 days. I'm bushed.

2. I'm thankful that my boss is gone for the day. It's always a little more fun around here when she's gone. We may even skip out a little early.

3. I'm grateful that Ted Haggard is not my husband or my preacher. I saw him on CNN last night and googled him today. Oh My Goodness! What a douchebag!!!! I mean, live your life the way you want it, but don't go around preaching against the exact thing your doing. And add to that list Blago - the gov of IL. You've been impeached - get over it already and shut the hell up!!!! Nobody is interested in your line of bs any longer.

4. I'm grateful for this beautiful, cold winter day. Somehow, it doesn't seem so cold when the sun is shining bright. And it does wonders for your mood too.

5. As always, I'm totally thankful for my wonderful children - crazy as they make me sometimes.


OK, my kids have been out of school for 4 days this week because we had 6 or so inches of snow. They totally could have gone yesterday and if not, then absolutely today - but whatever. It's just cost me an arm and a leg to feed all of mine, 3 of my nieces & nephews, 2 of DJs friends and 1 of Colbys.

DJ's friend Devin is always at our house. I really love the kid, but like my own, he can get on my nerves. I am comfortable enough with him though to tell him about it when it happens. I just treat him like one of my own.

Today, I asked Colby to load the dishwasher. I've never asked him to do that before, but there were no clean bowls or glasses when I left this morning and they were all cleaning up so I asked him to try it. He said "When I get it all full, I'll ask one of the geniuses to start it for me." I laughed knowing he was talking about DJ and Devin.

I said "Don't forget to put soap in it!" and he said, "How am I supposed to know how much soap to put in? Oh, don't worry, I'll ask the geniuses."

Fast forward a couple of hours. Sonya calls and her nose is severly stuffed up. So I say, do you want me to have one of the geniuses give you some cold medicine and she said "Well, DJ and Devin are gone to practice and Colby is the only one here and the last time I checked, he's no genius!!! I'll just wait for Dad to get home." Good idea! Whatever am I going to do with this child???

Friday, January 23, 2009

Grace in Small Things

One of the blogs I read, 3Carnations turned me on to this idea.

Several bloggers are taking part in Grace in Small Things. The idea is to post 5 things you're thankful for each day. Since I don't typically post everyday, I'll be a little different, but I do plan to try to do this on the days I do post. Stay tuned.

1. I am grateful that when I went in the basement this morning to find clothes for myself, Colby, Sonya and Darrell (since he had surgery on his knee and elbow last Friday and can't make it up and down the steps yet) that I found a nice, clean presentable outfit for each one of us in the mass of folded clothes that I haven't gotten around to putting away yet.

2. I am grateful to have a job to go to (to get away from Darrell who is driving me crazy after his surgery last week - so needy) and that they are very lenient with me as far as what time I get to work. I would be so stressed everyday if I had to worry about being late.

3. I am grateful to be in a place financially that I can help out my dad who is struggling right now. He has been struggling his entire life - lots of depression since my mom died and lots of addictions that I don't really want to know all the details of. Today would have been my parents' 39th wedding anniversary and may have been a partiularly bad day for him, if I hadn't offered him the help. It will still probably be emotional, but hopefully it will be tolerable for him.

4. I am grateful for my son Colby - who always tells me he loves me - even if I am yelling at him to hurry up and get out of the car or he'll be late for school. He is such a loving guy. I hope he never loses that.

5. I am also grateful to Colby for helping Sonya catch her rat this morning and put it back in the cage. It was already a late, chaotic day when she discovered that Stewert had disappeared from his cage and was hiding behind her bed. She couldn't get to him, but Colby got him and the day was saved.

These are kind of silly, I know, but they just came to me as I was typing - and it's still really early in the day. I'm grateful for so many things each day - this will help me remember.

Thanks, 3Cs!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How did we ever survive as kids?

I am 38 years old and I still remember only being allowed to talk on the phone for 20 minutes at a time. I then had to hang it up for at least 30 minutes, in case someone was trying to call and couldn't get through. I wasn't allowed to "tie up the phone" all night. Now, I'm not saying that our kids should have to go through some of the things that we did, but come on, can't we make them suffer a little?

Everyone in our house, with the exception of Sonya has a cell phone and texting privileges. Sonya will be 10 in March and she wants a cell phone. Whatever, kid! Two of her 10 year old cousins have cell phones and "ALL" of her friends have them, so I am being the worst mom on the planet because I won't get her one.

First of all, we are on A T & T's family plan and they allow 5 phones - there are 6 of us - so until Heather starts paying for her own cell phone - there is no way she can get one anyway. I told her to talk to her dad - there's no way he'll budge on this - for one - he's a tightwad and doesn't think anyone but him should have a cell anyhow - good luck darlin'.

Also, they have called school off tomorrow because of the cold. This is kind of weird to me. I mean, we do have heat in our schools and I feel bad for some of the parents that work and won't be able to find someone to keep their kids. I remember having to walk to school in the cold (maybe it wasn't this cold) I think it's supposed to get down to 2 degrees tonight, but anyway, walk to school with a dress on, with pants underneath and my grandma made me wear a headscarf - of all things. You know, the kind that old ladies wear when they leave the beauty shop? The ones made of nylon? Hideous.

I must be getting old, but I think our kids just have it too darned good! I may have to think of something to make them suffer tonight - I just may end up making them do the dishes! I mean, by hand - not using the dishwasher!

Friday, January 9, 2009

How does that happen???

Of course mornings in my house are crazy and chaotic, to say the least. Darrell usually doesn't get up with all of us, but when he does, he just adds to the chaos. Today was one of those days...

Heather is home from college and doesn't go back until next week, so she's trying to sleep and I'm yelling at everyone to get up - find your shoes - brush your teeth - oh, no the bus is 2 minutes early - hurry up and go pee before she comes back up the road - you get the picture. At this point, Heather has Aunt Shelly syndrome (the name I made up about my sister - because she is NOT a morning person).

DJ is in the shower because he rides with me to school (he's too cool to ride the bus now since he'll be 16 and driving himself in only 9 short weeks - UGH!!! Darrell goes in there and flushes the toilet on purpose to scald him and make him start yelling. I'm telling you - you've heard of dysfunctional before - well my husband came from a home that put the capital D in that word - and he thinks there's nothing funnier at 6:45 am than to have everyone yelling and the dog barking, etc on the days when HE is up. Any other morning, we're supposed to be library silent - yeah right!

We got ANOTHER new puppy - this brings the total to 4 beagles (for hunting, outside in the pen) 4 beagle newborn puppies - also in a separate pen with the 5th momma beagle. Outside - running free is Gunner, a pure-bred lab given to us recently - wonderful dog - huge, scary to strangers but a sweethear - he plays fetch and it's so fun. Rocket - a beagle mix who is skiddish around people. Hannah - a former hunting beagle turned pet who is blind in one eye but a total sweetheart and Winston - a 25 pound teacup poodle that I got snookered into buying from a website for abused animals. We also have two cats - Cinderella and Toby (Cinderella's kitten), one rat (Stuart) and a visiting gerbil (Kisses) who will return to Mizzou with Heather next week. Shall I reiterate the chaos factor in my home?

So the new puppy - Cooper is a purebred boston terrier - 10 weeks old - very ugly, yet cute in the same way - who needs lots of potty training attention and has to eat special food, etc. Sonya is supposed to be his sole provider - but you know how that goes - she doesn't do morings well, either - so I'm stuck with it all.

I started this to tell you that I forgot my purse this morning and had to drive all the way to work - 75 miles - without a phone, wallet, credit cards, cash, powder, lipstick, etc, etc, etc. I had to borrow money from my work friend so I could stop for gas on my way home.

After telling this story, I can't believe I even wondered how it could happen that I would leave my purse on the table as I walked out with my totebag, my makeup bag, my coat (I can't wear it while I'm driving that far), my coffee cup, my earrings, my cereal and my lunch bag.

Calgon, take me away!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holiday weight gain, blah!!!

I joined W eight W atchers in November and as of December 4th I was down 5 pounds. I even got a gold star sticker with a 5 on it for my weight log book. yay! Kinda lame, yes, but it made me happy for a minute.

I had surgery on December 10th (gallbladder removed - almost painless - doing very well now, thank you) and I hadn't been back to a meeting with the time off of work and holidays, etc.

I went to my first meeting of the new year today and I've gained 8 pounds since December 4th. That's not only the 5 I took off, but an extra 3 to boot! What the hell is wrong with me??? Now, I know I'm not alone and blah, blah, blah I will get on track now that the new year has started, but you know I wish a person could just lose the weight and forget it, but that's just not the way it goes.

This week has sucked big toes at work this I'm very stressed here and at home, so it's not been a good week to "start" any new eating programs. Originally, I thought I'd begin again on Monday, but I don't think my body can take it. I must start now. - well, tomorrow because I've already blown it today. I'll try to not blow so much for the rest of the day (too bad for hubby:)) and will go to the grocery store tonight and get the "good" foods I need to do this properly and I'll jump right back on that damned old bandwagon again tomorrow!

Wish me luck!

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I have but one resolution, to post more often here. I've found myself going back through my blogs many times this year to see when something happened. I've been sort of using it as a reference.

Well, Darrell and I are not getting along at all and I would really like to journal more of what goes on between us. I may end up making this private, I'm not sure yet, but i do know that I'd like to make it a habit of posting at least 3 times a week, so here goes.

Happy 2009, may the year be joyous for all of us.