Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin's speech - not as great as Obama's

I was reading 3Carnations blog and she wondered if the shoe was on the opposite foot (if Palin was a democrat) would things be the same? I commented on her blog and then thought it would make for a good post on my own blog, so pretty much copied what I wrote there. Hope you don't mind.

First of all, yes, I do believe that if Palin was Obama's running mate, the same would be going on - only the Republicans would be doing the bashing. No matter what they say, it's always gonna be politics as usual.

I've not yet made up my mind which way to go. I did enjoy Sarah Palin's speech last night, but not as much as I enjoyed Obama's last week - I'll wait to hear from McCain himself though before judging, though something tells me that his speech will lack the charisma that Barrack's had.

Sarah Palin does scare me some though. I am pro-choice, even though that would not be a choice I'd make at this time in my life, I do believe that it is my choice and every other woman's choice. I'm not saying I feel it's right, but I also don't feel the government should make that choice for me.

It scares me that she wanted to remove some books from the library in Alaska. I need to do more research on this, but I don't feel that censorship is a government right either. I feel certain things should be kept from those under 18, but I do not feel the government should decide what a grown person can read. I am totally against censhorship by the government. I was a long time listener of Howard Stern and yes, sometimes I had to turn it off because I was sickened by some of the segments he broadcasted - but I listened to most all of his monologues and his discussions with Robin and Artie - I loved those - I actually learned quite a bit about politics from him over the years. I didn't agreed with everything he did or said, but it was MY CHOICE to listen to him and MY CHOICE to switch the station if he said or did something I didn't like. I cannot imagine a country where the government decided what I could listen to or watch on TV.

One other thing - I liked that she brought her family out last night and that they all held their heads high - they should. They have something to be proud of - a close-knit family that has some of the same struggles that we all have to go through. They're getting by, just like the rest of us. I do feel, however, that she should have addressed some of the bigger issues (not the family-related ones) like the economy and what the plan will be to fix it.

I'm still gathering info and I want to make an informed decision and if I had to vote tomorrow, I honestly can't say who I'd vote for. Right now, it's a toss up.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Heather is gone to college...

She came home this weekend and had a surprise for me...

She got a tattoo! It is a skull with a pink bow on it - it is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. I knew she would be getting one because she's been talking about it for a couple of years, but before I left her at college only 2 short weeks ago - I told her (and my sister heard me) "If you are going to get a tattoo - think long and hard about it and make sure you get something that means something to you. It will be permanent and I want you to be able to look at it 50 years from now and know that it meant something"

So, what does she get? A fucking skull with a bow!!! When asked why she chose that, she answered "it was free" -- Hmnm! Thank you Mizzou for making packets of "free" stuff available to your students. It's not enough for you to charge $8500 for classes and $3000 for a room for 4 months, and $1000 for one meal each day and $700 for books for said classes - you also like to give out "free" stuff to students - Coupons for a "free" tattoo at a local tattoo parlor - Anything on this wall is free~take your pick.

I would have rather paid $500 for a decent fucking tattoo!!!! But hey, she likes it and like my sister said "If that is how she expresses herself, then so be it" - I just can't wait for her to have to go through the teenaged years:)

It is on her back between her shoulder blades (at least it's not a tramp stamp - I'm sure Sonya will have that area covered!) She told me early last week that she had a surprise for me and when she asked me Friday night if I was ready for my surprise - I thought she had a little present for me - you know, for being such a great mom! Boy, was I wrong- I was really pissed, but I'm over it now - she really is a good kid and if this is the worst she does (This better be the worst she does) then I'm OK with it. Darrell was mad, but he's over it too. When we took her back to Columbia Monday the last thing he said to her was "NO MORE TATTOOS!" If she gets anymore - no more help from us for college - she's on her own!!!

When I asked her what she was going to think when she was 70 years old and the skull was hanging down over her asshole - Colby promptly answered for her "She'll think - man, what a good time I had in college" Great - thanks, Colby.

Anyone else ever experience this? How are you supposed to handle it? I'm not a tattoo person, myself, but I do like some tattoos on certain people - just not my kid. Why do kids do this stuff?