Thursday, March 8, 2007

Family Health

We lost a dear old friend this week. Margie was 75 had 10 kids and there were hardly any visitors at the funeral home last night. A couple of her kids were there, but one lives in New York and did not want to come home for her funeral. How does that happen? That you raise a child, and Margie was a good mom, and she doesn't even want to come home for your funeral? I think there is not respect left in this world for the elderly. It's so sad.

My father-in-law is at the hospital (the wrong hospital - it's the same one that killed my mom 15 years ago) today because he was just diagnosed with kidney cancer. He's having a biopsy today to find out if it is indeed cancer and if it has spread anywhere else. They'll probably have to do surgery next week and remove the kidney. I hope and pray he's alright. He's a wonderful, caring man and deserves nothing but the best.

DH is going to Kansas City this weekend for softball tournament. He just played a tournament last weekend and was gone the whole weekend.

We have two b-days next week. DJ is about to turn 14 on the 18th and Sonya will turn 8 on the 19th. We'll have a party weekend, that's for sure.

More later,