Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In a Funk

I'm in a funk today. I woke up mad that I had to get up. Sometimes I just start the day wrong. I went to bed in a bad mood and I guess it just carried over & now I can't seem to shake it.

Darrell was griping at Colby last night because he had a bad game, not really, he struck out once, walked once, popped up once & got a basehit, but Darrell thought he wasn't trying hard enough. The conversation ended with Colby crying, me getting p*ssed that he was making such a big deal about a baseball game (come on, what kid goes into the batter's box and DOESN'T try?) Not mine - they live for baseball and they do their best. Why make it hard for them to like the sport?

I have a really hard time getting up on time - I can be at work anytime before 9, but I have to work 8 hours, so if I don't get there til 9, I can't leave til 5:30 and with a 1 1/2 hour commute, I don't get home until at least 7. I'm changing my hours for the summer to 7:30 - 4 so I can get home earlier in the evening & spend time with the kids. If I can leave hours before they wake up, it won't seem like I'm gone so much. Anyway, I didn't get up til after 7 this morning so I was late - Life just sucks today.

Then I had an argument with Darrell again. It's summer now so we have extra kids at our house all the time and we had two extras last night. I didn't go to the grocery store because I had to go to two baseball games, so there's nothing to eat. I asked him to get them something this morning. He just calls & says he's going to pick up McDonalds for two of them because the others already ate waffles - HUH UH! No way, you're going to bring McDonald's for everyone - it's not fair to bring it just for a couple - He was like, I was going to bring it for all of them - Fine, then just do it.

More later,

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend to Remember

I had a really good holiday weekend. I took off work on Friday and just piddled around the house, went to lunch with Darrell & DJ & Robert. We went to Mama T's, not to be confused with Mama Toad's, the local buffet pizza place. Wen to get my nails done - I'm so glad I did - I love it when my nails are done - they're so pretty. Make me really feel good about myself.

Saturday went to Tiff for a BBQ & horseshoes, washers, swimming in the river, etc. Had a really good time. Heather joined us (she hasn't been there with us for years) and we had a great time visiting with friends, having a few beers, eating, playing washers. It was fun.

Heather & I went shopping on Sunday & the boys went to the Cardinal game. Sonya stayed at my sister's the whole weekend.

Monday, we joined some people from our church for a picnic. It was a gorgeous day and the kids fished in the pond, there was a softball game and volleyball along with lots of good stuff to eat! The little kids even had a frog race - it was a wonderful, exhilarating weekend. Now we're off to a busy, busy week with lots & lots of baseball.

More later,

Thursday, May 24, 2007

You might be a busy momma if....

you go to work without your shoes on...

It was the first pretty day we'd had in a while and I really wanted to wear sandals, but my toenails were not painted yet for spring (or any other season). Don't say I could have gone with naked toes, because you haven't seen my toes. I have a funky toe. It's got a fungus and it is really disgusting - so I absolutely cannot force anyone other than those in my immediate family to see my toe unless it is polished.

Anyway, I decided to throw some polish on them real quick and let it dry in the car on the way to work. I got about 65 miles from home when I stopped for gas. I looked in the backseat for my shoes, but they weren't there. I searched the car - to no avail. I must have left them sitting on the couch as I walked out the door.

I had to get gas barefoot (luckily I use my debit card at the outside pump, so I didn't have to go inside.) I then drove to Walgreens and walked in barefoot (no one even noticed) and straight back to the flip flops (in my day, we called them thongs, but not anymore:). I purchased a very stylish pair of black flip flops to wear with my dress capris and business shirt - it was a rather interesting outfit, but hey, at least I got to work.

More later, Shannon

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back Again - Take Two

You see, I have this habit of starting something and never continuing or finishing. I'd really like to keep this blog up to date. I read a couple of other blogs daily and get really upset when they don't post for a few days. Good thing I don't have any avid readers yet. Maybe someday.

We're in full swing with baseball. Games Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Practice Tuesday, Friday & Sunday. What d'ya bet someone calls practice on Wednesday? I really do love watching the kids play, but it's a little overwhelming right now. I'm sooooo tired, I can't keep my eyes open.

Home life is OK right now, though I'm a little pissed at DH for not making a bigger deal out of my birthday Sunday. I know I'm an adult, but I sure wish he would have put a little effort into it. The kids could have been better, too. My daughter is 17 and had money, she could have tried to do something special. Hubby was playing softball and taking the boys to the WWE that night. I ended up having to take his mother and sister to pick up a truckload of JUNK. They did take me to eat afterwards, but didn't offer to pay until my daughter reminded them it was my birthday. Nice, huh? Anyway, I feel like I go out of my way to make people feel special on their special days and no one thought I'd like to get the same on my special day. This was the shittiest birthday I've ever had. I sure wish my mom was alive - she'd have made it special.

More later,