Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm doing the same thing

It's graduation time at my work! I'm in charge of alot of the events surrounding graduation and the end of the semester and it's unbelievably busy this time of year. Especially this year...graduation falls on my birthday this year -yay, me! My oldest daughter's 21st birthday is this same week - we must celebrate and celebrate big! My son's high school graduation is next week - and with that all the planning of which family members will come, planning a graduation party for him, will it rain, will it be too hot, yada, yada, yada.

This time of year I depend on my faculty to do certain things and get them in to me so I can complete graduation plans. It's always difficult to get certain members of my faculty to cooperate on deadlines - a handful are ALWAYS late and it throws my system off. If I set the deadlines earlier to allow for this, they catch on and turn things in late anyway. It's unbearable sometimes.

Today, I found that I am doing the same thing. While graduation is first on my agenda right now, there are others within the University that are working toward other goals and twice today, I find that I have forgotten deadlines and caused their systems to breakdown. It sucks to figure out that you are just as bad as the people you are complaining about.

I better get back to my to-do list and make sure I'm not late on anything else. Yeah, like that's gonna happen - I'm late for everything!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random Word Generator - Attach

Hmmm! Attach, what can you say about that? We are all attached in one way or another, right? Whether it be to our spouses, our children, our pets, our jobs, our homes, our hometowns. I'm wondering now if there is an instance that someone out there is not attached to anything?

Just got a picture in my mind of a person without a home (homeless)- putting the person first is an OT habit I've picked up - it's not a homeless person, but a person without a home - that way being homeless doesn't define the person - get it? Like a person with a disability. Commonly, we will describe that person as a disabled person - but then the disability defines the person, not the other way around. People should take care to let the person define themselves - anyway, that was a short road trip - I'm back now...

So attachment - lately, I've been struggling with my growing family, thinking of them grown up, how they'll get along, will my children be close? Next to Darrell, and sometimes ahead of Darrell, my sister is my closest companion. We talk about everything, we help each other make decisions, we gripe and vent and cry to one another and I can only hope that my children someday have relationships with one another like this.

The way things are right now, at these ages, 21, 18, 14 and 12 - not so much. Heather usually gets along with all of them, but there are times when I'm sure she'd just as soon smack the crap out of one of her brothers or her sister as to look at them. But she doesn't and for that I am so glad!

Sonya usually gets along with her siblings, but sometimes it's because she just ignores them. When she does get riled up - look out! She's going for blood!

DJ and Colby are a source of concern lately - they seem to fight about every stinkin' thing they can! They're jealous of one another, theyre competitive with one another, have a really hard time giving the other one a compliment on something done well. They make fun of one another, make jokes at each others' expense and generally just walk around the house with attitude for one another looking to engage the other one in an argument.

What makes brothers do this? Is it normal? Will they outgrow it? I have a hard time right now thinking they will ever have a good relationship with one another and it's tearing me up. I've spoken to both of them about it, told them how worried I was about it and that they should try to be on the same side for awhile, to no avail. And to be honest, I think one brother is as bad as the other. Neither is innocent of giving the other grief. When one is quiet, the other starts in and vice versa.

So, will I ever have the family that looks forward to spending time together? When they grow up and have families of their own, will there be tension at family get togethers? I sure hope not because we're all attached and will continue to be whether they like it or not - I hope they end up liking it and that this is just a stage - like when they wanted to wear their Power Rangers outfits all day, every day. They grew out of that - hopefully, this too shall pass.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What to say what to say, here we go again.

My niece just started a blog of her own and it caused me to take a look back at this one. If look at what I've done over the past two years, this is a piss-poor example of blog.

I'm using a new software that turns voice and text. It's called Dragon Naturally Speaking. It's pretty cool, but a little cumbersome. I wonder if it will get better the more I use it?

All is about the same in my life. Of course, it's baseball season and anyone who has been a follower of mine, which I'm sure you're on now, will remember how my family is obsessed with baseball and that we based our entire summer is not our entire lives around the sport.

Well I just wanted to try out the software actually and see if anyone else is still out there and I'll do my best to keep this blog going as best I can. It's strange that since I started using Facebook I don't feel the need to update any longer which is weird because no one really knew personally read my blog anyway, that I know of.

I'm going to get back to work now. I've spent enough time fussing with the software it would be great if I could get it to work mobile-ly, so that I can update my blog during my commute.

See y'all later,