Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ahhhh! Freetime - what's that?

One day soon I'll get back to this blog. I have lots of interesting stuff to blog about like how DJ got his license & Heather got hers 1 week later, like how Heather moved into her first apartment, like how we had two bday parties in one weekend and our home was in even more chaos than it normally is, etc, etc, etc.

But my job if freakin' kickin' my ass lately. I mean I am having to work harder now that I've had to since I started and I am totally not liking it at all. I used to have so much time to surf the net and do all sorts of fun little quizzes, etc, but now, I barely have time to read my daily blogs!

Of course, I'm happy to have a job and happy to have tasks that need to be completed so I'll quit bitching, I'm just sayin'.....

I'll be back:)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sonya's Story

I found this story in my daughter's bookbag and it says by Sonya. I knew she was growing up, but Holy Cow. Could this have honestly been written by a 9 year old? What do you think this says about her and about our family? Am I being silly to wonder what would make her write something like this? I've left all the punctuation and spelling just as she had it.

Don't Leave Me

Mama "I'm sorry" I remember saying the day my mother was beat to death with that slick leather belt. Tears rolling down my cheeks as I looked at the scared back and saw my very own mother lying down dead. "She was just trying to help me" I screamed at are master he tapped me on my shoulder as a warning to quit this nonsense. "Get back to work" he screamed at me in loud ear poinding voice. I started to pick the corn still crying in a soft voice.

I am a 13 year old girl still trying to clear my mind of the so called accident as my master called it. Now I am free in the north living in Canada. I am a best corn picker in the North just as I was in the cruel South. Mama would be so proud things would be a lot easier if she was around but it's just me and Papa. I remember when there was one of the biggest Dust Storms in the whole South, boy it takes me way back.

"There is definitely going to be some strong North winds so you might want to stay in since it hasn't rained in months" I heard the man on the radio say. Then I heard a soft voice say, "I'm scared Henry. He has grown meaner" I loved the way Mama spoke in her soft southern voice. But I got real scared too, Then the next day the tragic heart pounding death came.

I looked out the window and saw my Papa shake hands with a Southern man. It frightened me inside. Second's later papa entered our home. He said that I am 13 years old and ready to be on my own I felt the tears coming along, I got accepted into the grand corn picking association I'm going to have to leave you. No no no" I wailed. "I already lost Mama and I don't want to lose you to". I soon realized that he had to go. I screamed I love you daddy and I always will!! He started crying too and we just started are own balling club. For some reason I felt like Mama's death wasn't my fault, I realized it was destiny for her to die. If I hadn't ever swam across the lake and nearly drowned I would have never grew as close to my dad as felt now. His soft hand rubbed my back and he told me everything would be ok. "Ill come back for you". Those were the last words I ever heard from my Papa again.