Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Stuff

Colby is a district champion once again!!! His team won the 12-year-old district this past weekend. We are headed to state in Cape Girardeau this weekend and if we win that, it's on to Nebraska. He has dreams of the Little League World Series in Maryland this year - we shall see...

Sonya left to spend a few days with Heather today. She and my niece Maddi, went to Columbia to stay in Heather's apartment with her. My hubby is beside himself with worry, he just knows SOMETHING will happen to her. They all promised to be SAFE< SAFE< SAFE = Lord, please keep them near and safe on all of their journeys this week.

Gosh, the summer is just flying by, isn't it? My kids start school again in only a few short weeks, then it's back to the old routine. I've been enjoying getting up and leaving the house within a few minutes each morning. That sure won't happen when they all go back to school.

I've been using this Jergen's lotion on my arms & legs lately - the kind that has a little darker tone to it. I don't want to go to a tanning bed and I am rarely in the sun, but my fat looks alot better brown than it does white, so I'm schmearing this stuff in every chance I get. I find that as long as I mix it together with a little regular lotion, I don't have any streaks at all. It is really making a difference.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally, A New Post

Well, I'm back...

Work has slowed down a little and when I say that I mean my to-do list has gone from 6 pages down to 3. I still should be working instead of blogging, but hey, ya gotta have a little fun, right?

Everybody is good. Heather is still in Columbia, DJ is 16 and has taken over the road, Colby is heading for the district baseball tournament this weekend and has the Little League World Series in his dreams and Sonya wants to move her room to the basement. Same ole, same ole...

Funny story...

I won a gift certificate for a haircut at a fancy salon last year and made an appt. It was a fun experience, the guy played around with my hair for awhile, "getting to know it" and then gave me a pretty decent haircut. He was disgusted that I still had some old perm in it from a few years back and when he cut it out, he declared "There! Now thanks to the metal eraser (scissors) you'll never have to admit to having had a perm again!" OK, what about all my high school pictures that are all teeth and hair - I'm not willing to take the metal eraser to those just yet:)

So, I liked the haircut and decided to go back. When I did, I was a little shell shocked when I found out his haircuts were $50. Fifty bucks may not sound like a lot to some of you, but trust me, when you're used to getting haircuts at Sam's (Walmart) Salon for $12, you're a little flabbergasted to find out you owe $50 plus tip!!! I paid it and thought to myself - unless this haircut makes me look 20 pounds lighter, I ain't comin' back!

I went to my little hometown beauty parlor (yes, we still call them parlors in Potosi) to get a body wave (I'm sorry, I'm a product of the 80's and I hate my hair unless it's at least a little poofy!) and I told her about my experience with the fancy-schmancy salon. She found the story comical and as she was looking down at my head said "Oh, you have a tick in your head, let me get it out for you! That's the 2nd tick I've found on someone this week!"

Now...what do you think the hairdresser to the STL society would have done if he had found that tick in my head????? I'm just sayin' - I think I'll be stickin' with DeDe's Hair Biz from now on:)

Yep, I'm back.