Thursday, December 27, 2007

Egyptian Slick-haired Gerbils

My sister has two kids around the same age as Colby & Sonya. Friday, Colby stayed with Jacob and Madison came home with Sonya and I. We stopped at the pet store so Sonya could use her own money to buy a gerbil. We've had gerbils before and hamsters and guinea pigs and rabbits - as well as dogs, cats & fish. I think that's it. Anyhow, all of the rodents have met untimely deaths, usually at the paws of the cats!

So we go to the pet store and Sonya picks the gerbil she wants and some food & supplies for it. She paid $2.99 for the gerbil. Halfway home Madison says she really wishes she could have gotten a gerbil. I tell her I would have bought her one if she would have said something and we'll ask her mom & go back & get one tomorrow.

Mom says yes, and reluctantly, dad OKs the new pet, too. So Christmas Eve, I am shopping, not at all near the pet store where we bought Sonya's gerbil, so I go into Petco. I look and look for gerbils but I don't see any. I'm getting a little frantic because I've been putting Madison off since Friday and I promised her I'd have her gerbil when she came down on Christmas day.

Finally, I find a salesperson and ask if there are any gerbils left - she says yes, I have one little black one left - Great! I don't care what it looks like as long as it's a gerbil. I follow her to the rodent area. Sure enough, there's a little black gerbil nestled in the corner of the cage. I quickly look at the price, knowing I'll have to pay more than $2.99, but how much could it be and this is my last stop - the price.....

$13.99 - wtf? ARe you kidding me? I mean I was willing to pay a little more, but over 4 times as much? I don't think so! So I said - Is this price correct? She said yes as she was scooping the little guy out and I said well, never mind. I just bought one in Bonne Terre for $2.99 and she said - get this...

Oh, well this one is an Egyptian Slick-haired gerbil and it's special. Huh? What can it do - flips? Will it jump out of the cage and hit the snooze button for me or at least get up and make the coffee? I say none of this to the clerk, though I'm sure she read my mind and then I said 'No, thanks! I don't need a special gerbil - besides the cat will probably get it before too long anyway!' The look on her face was priceless - but not worth $13.99.

I called and begged my brother-in-law to run to Bonne Terre and get me a gerbil for which I would gladly pay him $2.99 plus gas money! He agreed and saved Christmas for me - and he didn't even charge me. I guess it was paybacks for us hauling his new 56" flatscreen TV home for him. It sure pays to do for others:)

Sonya is happy, Madison is happy, my brother-in-law, Robert is happy - and I'm sure the Egyptian Slick-haired gerbil is happy to be safe in it's cage at Petco and not in a cage with a flimsy lid that cats can get in to very easily. Everyone wins!

Friday, December 21, 2007

I have my two youngest kids at work with me today. Colby had to go get some labs done - an ultrasound (he may have another hernia -would be his third) so I brought them both with me. They have been pretty good - but they get loud sometimes, just like they're at home. It's been pretty quiet today - not many people at the university once the students have been dismissed for the semester so it hasn't been a big deal. Except, Colby begs and begs to come to work with me and when he gets here - he is watching the clock all day for the time to come when we can go home! I don't know what is up with that kid.

We went to DJs basketball game last night. It was the first time he got to play. He was in for the last 1:07 minutes. I was a little disappointed that he only got to play for that amount of time, but he was happy so I am happy!

Things with hubby are a little better. He's still getting really crabby, but I'm trying to remind him gently to check his attitude at the door and I think he is working on it. He's been letting Heather have a little more freedom. He lets her know he did her a favor when she gets home - but at least she gets to go. It still really makes me mad how he treats all of our kids, Heather and DJ especially, but I'm trying to make this work a little at a time.

I'm not quite finished with Christmas shopping yet, but we will hopefully finish up tomorrow. Just Darrell and I will start early tomorrow and probably end late, but hopefully we'll get everything done and still have a couple of days off of work to wrap things and enjoy the time off.

Well, everyone - I don't usually post when I'm not at work - but I may so in case I don't, I hope all of my blog friends have a happy holiday and here are my best wishes for a happy new year!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jim Edmonds is leaving the St. Louis Cardinals:((

My boys are devastated! Jim Edmonds has been a golden glove centerfielder for the Cardinals for 7 years and he was DJs all-time favorite player. My boys follow baseball religiously and they're both so upset! It kinda reminded me of how boys used to feel about baseball players back in the day - they're so sad that we're losing him that they want to kill the coach, Tony LaRusa. I'm sad to see him go because he is damned cute, has a gorgeous smile and looks great in his uniform! Last night Colby asked me if I would dump Dad for Jim Edmonds and I said 'in a heartbeat' - He just laughed!

We had our annual staff Christmas lunch today. I was hoping to be told we'd get a bonus, but no chance! Bad part is I used to work in a different department for the same place and there we got $500! I wasn't really counting on it, but it sure would have been nice:)

Just talked to hubby on the phone and he sure seems like he's in a bad mood! I feel a sinus infection coming on and was hoping to go straight home and get some rest - I hope he gets over his crankiness before I get there.

Sonya (my 8 year old) decided a couple of weeks ago she was going to become a vegetarian. She made signs and picketed our home to "Save the Animals" - she never wanted to eat another animal as long as she lived. She did really well with it eating fruits, vegetables - lots of peanut butter and Ramen noodles until we went to McDonald's - she ordered Chicken McNuggets and said she'd be a vegetarian another time, maybe in the summertime when it's easier - go figure!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ready for Christmas...

It's been awhile since I posted, so I thought I'd update you all. Things are going pretty well in our house this week. My husband and I spent some time out with friends this weekend and it seemed to bring us a little closer. Maybe that's what we need and I told him so. We used to spend time alone every weekend and we haven't done that since I don't know when. When we did this weekend, it was enjoyable and I remembered some things I love about him, so we'll try to continue to spend couple time as much as possible.

I've just about got my kid's Christmas presents bought - but found today that Heather is way overboard - I usually try to keep them all the same - but I'm so excited about two of her gifts, I just cannot take anything back - and no one will really know but me because most of her stuff is clothes. She asked for this perfume - Princess by Vera Wang - Heather is a self-proclaimed princess and I got it - she's gonna be so excited - it will be a total surprise unlike most of her presents of clothing. Also, I ordered her this really expensive flat iron for her hair. It's supposed to be what all the models use and she straightens her hair everyday - I cannot wait for her to open these two gifts - and no one will know how expensive they were. I mean - who would think someone would be dumb enough to pay $100 for a flat iron:) It has been so difficult the last few years getting her things that she doesn't know about because I can't buy her clothes without her being with me and last year I did the gift card thing - but it was kind of a let down on Christmas morning - but probably only for me - not her. Anyway - I'm excited about Christmas.

I think all my kids will be extremely happy - I may have a little more to do for Sonya - when I counted everything up - she was a little short - I try to keep things kind of equal and she did get some clothes - so I want to make sure Colby doesn't have the most (everyone thinks he's my favorite - but as all of you know - there's no such thing in a mother's heart).