Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hello, it's me, Shannon

Well, I decided to start a blog because I really need a place to put my feelings down on paper. Partly so I can see where I've been and partly so I can remember all the stuff that annoys me and keeps making me wonder where all this is going.

I've been married for 11 years, lived together for about 4 years before that. I came to the relationship with one daughter who was less than two at the time. He also had a son, but neither of us found out about him for several years after we were together. We were told the boy was his, but so were a couple of other guys so we just waited for her to get the test done. She lived in another part of the state and we never got visitation or anything. She's back now, my stepson is 14 and we see him on Christmas and his birthday and sometimes if his mom goes out of town for the weekend, and oh yeah, if he starts doing badly in school, she sends him to us. J is not a problem, it's actually a pretty good situation for a situation like this. She has never really asked us for anything and he was actually adopted by one of her five husbands, so we don't even have to pay child support.

Anywho, I made that seem like more of an issue than it is - it's not really. We have 3 kids together - DJ-13, Colby-10, Sonya-7. My daughter, Heather-16, from a previous relationship is 16 now and is usually the beginning of just about every fight we have.

I'll have to give more details on that later, because I don't have all day and I want to mention what happened last night to make me start this blog.

More later,