Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My mom wants to know...

A conversation on the radio this morning caused me to think of this story of Sonya when she was in kindergarden. When the DJ asked that listeners call in with their stories - I seriously thought about doing it - but reconsidered - which prompts me to ask - do you ever call in to radio shows? I don't know if it's because I'm in the car so long or what, but for some reason I always want to call, sometimes I do, but usually I hang up before I'm actually on the radio - what is up with me?

Anyhow, back to the story...

The principal at the elementary school is very pretty - I don't like her, actually but it's because she actually came on to my husband (I think so, and so does he) right in front of me and my son while hubby, son and I were in her office because son had done something wrong, but that's a story for another day.

OK, so she is cute, petite, has really cool kind of 80's hair (which I love), you know long, full of waves & just perfect - you get the picture. One day, while I was walking Sonya to kindergarden (this was probably 6 or 7 years after the incident with hubby), I saw her and her hair was badly in need of a dye job. I mean there was more gray than the beautiful chestnut brown that had been her color before. She must have really gone prematurely gray, because she's at least 7 or 8 years younger than me and that was way before I had to "wash that gray right outta my hair". So, I commented to no one in particular "Hmmm, I wonder why Miss D is letting her hair grow out gray." and prompty forgot about it in my haste to drop Sonya off and get to work.

A few weeks later, it was parent-teacher conferences and when I went in to see Sonya's teacher (very small town and everyone knows everyone else) she said "I have to tell you the cutest story about your daughter." I was proud that Sonya had done something that evoked this kind of enthusiasm in the teacher and couldn't wait to hear the story.

"Well," she said, "Sonya received the highest grade on her reading test last week, so her prize was to go to Miss D's office and read a book to her. While she was walking down the hall with Miss D, holding her hand, she looked up at her and said "My mom wants to know why you're letting your hair go all gray?""

My proud smile quickly faded into a face of pure horror! "Oh My God! She didn't really ask her that, did she?" I asked. "Yep, she sure did and the rest of the teachers are so glad she did - because we were all wondering the exact same thing!"

"And what did Miss D say?" I asked. "She told Sonya she just hadn't dyed it in awhile, but she guessed it was probably about time she did!" I couldn't believe it. I never said anything to Miss D about it and she never said anything to me. To this day, she is nothing but friendly to me and I've never, ever seen her hair that shade again.

Kids say the darndest things!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Guilty pleasures...

I can't help it. This guy is seriously hotttt!!!!

OMG!!! Talk about eye candy!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Get on the bus!!!!

OK, I know I haven't posted in awhile - but you know how it goes.

Conversation on Thursday with my College Kid

Her: Mom, Jess and I are thinking about coming home this weekend. I told her I'd pay half the gas.

Me: OK

Her (1 hour later): Mom, Jess doesn't know if she's coming home. I'm going to offer to pay all the gas, because I really want to come home.

Me: OK

Her (2 hours later): Mom, Jess isn't coming home. She really wants to, but her mom really doesn't want her to spend the money. I guess I'll take the bus, can you get me a ticket?

Me: OK, are you sure she won't change her mind?

Her: No, she won't change her mind.

Her (1 hour later): Mom, did you get my ticket?

Me: Not yet. I was waiting to make sure she didn't change her mind.

Her: She won't change her mind. I've been trying to talk her into it, but she's definitely not coming home this weekend. Can you get the ticket?

Me: Sure. I do it in a little while

Her (1 hour later): Mom, did you get the ticket yet?

I ignored this last text message at 9:45 last night because I thought Jess might change her mind overnight.

Me (this morning): Good Morning! Are you still coming home? Did Jess decide to come home?

Her: No, she's not coming home.

Me: OK, I ordered your ticket online. You're leaving at 3pm. Here are the directions to the bus station, I will meet you in St. Louis is 5:15pm

Her: OK, I'll see you then! Yay!

Her (2:40pm - 20 minutes before the bus leaves): Mom, Jess wants to ride the bus home too. Can you wait and pick us up at 11:30pm?

Me: NO!!!!! Get on the bus! It leaves in 20 minutes. Jess should have decided before now that she was gonna ride the bus. I cannot believe you are changing your plans now.

Her: Mom, why are you so angry with me?

Me: Heather, I asked you 82 times if you were sure Jess wasn't coming home before I ordered the ticket! Get on the bus! You're going to miss it and it's a non-refundable ticket! Get on the bus!

Her: I'm gonna call my dad to see if he can pick me up at 11:30, but then I'll have to stay there all night and I don't want to. Will you call Aunt Shelly and see if she will pick me up?

Me: NO!!!!! Get on the bus! Call your dad! Whatever! I'm out~call me when you figure it out.

Her (10 minutes later): Mom. Here's the plan. Jess' mom said she will pay all the gas home and I have exchanged my ticket for one leaving 2 weeks from now. I'm going to ride home with Jess tonight and we will take the bus home together in 2 weeks.

Me: Whatever - call me when you're on your way. Love you!

Her: Love you too!