Monday, November 11, 2013

My First Cleanse - Day One

Okay, everybody (yeah, right - no one reads this blog - oh, well - I'll just pretend:)) I'm doing my first ever cleanse and it is the Advocare Herbal Cleanse.  I've been leading up to this for the last week.  I started "eating clean" last Monday morning and I'm proud to say that I did a pretty damned good job of it.  I did fall off just a couple of times and I really mean, a couple - like two, maybe three times throughout the entire week.  I didn't drink one soda - not even a drink of a soda the entire week! 

I didn't eat any junk food - well, the first three nights, I did eat one large tablespoon of Rocky Road ice cream before going to bed but in days past, I would have eaten a bowl.  On Friday night, I had drinks with my very best friend and I had four Bud Lights but I looked up before I went and beer is the 2nd most clean drink you can drink - although you should abstain - who the hell cares - life still happens and we can either sit back and watch or participate!  I participated! I had peel n eat shrimp while I was there so that was clean but when I got home, I was starving and I had a huge bowl of Cocoa Pebbles - totally not clean!  But I was right back on Saturday morning. 

I really stretched myself this weekend and I made up this chicken/veggie cous cous (look at me - cooking - and cous cous to top it off!!)  It was pretty good.  Then I made a
deer meat stew - I'm not that in to venison but with all the hunters in my house, I always have a ton of it around and when I started searching for clean recipes, this one popped up!  I must say - it was dyno-mite!!  Here is the recipe for Sweet Potato Venison Stew.  Yumm-O!!! 

So, I started the actual cleanse today - I did the fiber drink this morning and drank the
Spark.  The fiber drink was just OK, dog (Randy Jackson - AI).  I put it is apple juice and it was entirely too sweet for me today.  Tomorrow I will get some Tropicana 50/50 and try it in that.  The Spark was pretty good - kind of tastes like a fruit punch drink.  I can live with it and I didn't have any coffee today - I ALWAYS have coffee so we will just see how this goes.  I don't think I've yawned yet today so that's a plus. 


Since I have a 90 minute commute in the morning, I was more than a little worried I'd have to make a pit stop part of the way through, if the "cleanse" hit me and my friend even told me I should have started yesterday to see how it was going to affect me.  Well, I did have to stop at QT on the way here today.  I couldn't hold it -

but it was only to pee:)  I'm not used to drinking 8oz of Spark, 8oz of apple juice infused herbal cleanse and 8oz of water (recommended after the fiber drink) and water just goes right through me!!  I absolutely could not wait a moment longer and had to stop at QT and run in to pee!

Also - I packed an actual duffel bag of food for today - left over cous cous for lunch and deer meat stew for dinner plus makings for a salad and a banana and an apple and some almonds.  Eating clean is not easy - you absolutely have to plan because it is not convenience and if you find yourself starving with nothing clean to eat, you will most definitely run to the vending machine or the nearest fast-food restaurant.  I have class on Monday nights until 10:00pm so I knew I had to be well-prepared for the late afternoon and late night munchies - I think I got it covered.

So that's my day so far and it's only 10:00 am.  I'll let you know how I feel later - with no coffee:)

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